Friday, February 08, 2008

Art of Presentation

"...The entire universe does not have to take up arms in order to crush man: a whiff of vapour, a drop of water is enough to kill him. But when the universe crushes man, he is still greater than that by which he is killed. For he knows that he dies and is also aware of the advantage which the universe has over him, the universe knows nothing of all these..."

A week ago, me and Uttam went to Kustia to meet Romel. Now I can say that I had a visit of Rabindranath's kuthibari in Shilaydah and the majar of Lalan Shah. Also we had a Sandwip tour last week. My friend Dipu got married on the 28th of January. I went to Narsingdi and almost stayed a week there. Its a pity that i could recall these things and trying to make you understand what I did last days. I can remember a night in Kushtia, when we were playing a game. A game of visualizing the words. Its very simple. Somebody would utter a word and everyone is supposed to narrate the first visual effect that the word creates.

We found that very merely we visualized the same thing, even very common words like "milk" or "president". For example when i visualize President I see the face of H.M. Ershad and C. J. Shahabuddin. If i would have been american that i would have seen Rigan or Bush, may be Clinton.

Actually words are very important when we want to express something or present something. I came across the name of a book "The meaning of the meaning" by I.A.Richards and I am eager to read it.


Md Mishfaq said...

Yes, I agree, words are very important. So, have you finished the book?

Swakkhar Shatabda said...

I haven't found the book yet, cover found only at a 1923 book