Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Meaning of Meaning

All philosophy is a ‘critique of language - Wittgenstein

At last I found the book in the Public Library Department Govt. of Bangladesh. According to the authors, meaning is:

1. An intrinsic property.
2. An unique unanalyzable relation to other things.

3. The other words annexed to a word in the dictionary.
4. The connotation of a word.
5. An essence.
6. An activity projected into an object.
7a. An event intended
7b. A volition.
8. The place of anything in a system.
9. The practical consequences of a thing in our future experience.
10. The theoretical consequences involved in or implied by a statement.
11. Emotion aroused by anything

12. That which is actually related to a sign by a chosen relation.
13a. The mnemonic effects if a stimulus. Associations required
13b. Some other occurrence to which the mnemonic effects of any occurrence are appropiate.
13c. That which a sign is interpreted as being of.
13d. what anything suggests.
14. That to which the user of a symbol ought to be referring.
15. That to which the user of a symbol believes himself to be referring.
16. That to which the interpreter of a symbol a. Refers, b. Believes himself to be referring, c. Believes the User to refer.

Interesting part is the book is written in 1923 and thus thereafter a lots of changes there have been in the field of linguistics and a great change in the senses of the words that the authors have used 80 years before. So I have to be careful while reading this and I know my English is not up to the mark.

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