Friday, October 20, 2006

Existensialism & me

What is existentialism?
- It a philosophical doctrine that does not believe in traditional idea of "Essence preceeds existence". In stead it says "Existence preceeds Essence"
I have a question that is not answered nutrally by anyone. Does existentialism makes a way out for post-modernism. I dont know actually. But for last couple of years i have gone through some of the ideas regarding exietentialism. Plz post your ideas abt existentialism, its relationships with post-modernism & ethics. thanxThe picture shows Jean Paul Sartre & Simone De Beauvoir. Probably these two people were greatest ever friends throuout their lives. There is a nice story abt Sartre regarding existentialism:
In the time of World War II France was attacked by the Germans. One day a young man came to Sartre asking for advice. His mother lost her husband in World War I and her eldest son was killed by the NAZI's six months ago. He was in a conflict. He could not decide what to do at that time. His mother was in deep shock & she wanted him to stay with her. On the other hand France was in great trouble and he wanted to join the war. In this situation Sartre denied the boy to give any advice. Sartre believed(not actually like religious beliefs) & practiced existentialism and knew that, a being(of course human) has its own selection skill defined by his existence or how he had grown his deductive powers without being bound to any morality but of his own. Sartre let the young man decide himself. It was hence the true practice of Existentialism.
Actually I am not a good story teller. Even though I took it from a book that I read before. I had to translate it to English. Any one willing to study existentialism can read Sartre's "Being & Nothingness" or the plays. By the way Sartre was one of the two men who rejected Nobel proze. Guess why?


sheetal said...

ami agee ei bapare kichu i jantam na ... tomar lekha ta pore onek bhalo laglo .

Swakkhar Shatabda said...

Historically if we analyze the ways ppl think this is one of the latest ways cultured.. both by theist & atheists... even by the communists

Maruf Syfullah said...

it seems a philosophical article would be better if philosophical terms are fully explained.such as "existence precedes essence"this seems a very ambiguous sentence without example,explanation.

easy to understand words will make ur writings more fathomable and interesting.

to me "existensialism is applicable in some limited context.for example i have seen an inherent need of everyone for some absolute orders.everyone likes discipline.everyone likes beauty.seems this virtues precede existence.negative side of existentialism is it wants to destroy harmony by allowing everyone to do whatever s/he likes.

existential psychology seems very effective methods to me."

i like ur blog.

Swakkhar Shatabda said...

Thanx maruf!

I could not describe much about essence and existence. And also i am not a believer or exercising existentialism in much extent. I read a book by Sartre and went through his biography only.

Nafis Hasan said...

I came to your blog through the blog of mahmudul hasan (ridwan). Anyways, even though I consider myself a philosophic dilettante, I would like to state that for a better understanding of existentialism, there are a few must-reads - 1. The Stranger (albert camus), 2. Nausea (Sartre) and 3. No Exit (Sartre) and also optional ones - Flies (Sartre)....I have found my existentialist beliefs within these pages. Oh, and you can also check out wikipedia...:D...i like ur blog

Swakkhar Shatabda said...

me too amateurish, thanks for your comment and suggestions