Friday, November 17, 2006

How do we think or feel?

"I love a girl" - if I say this, before asking why i love her you may be satisfied only by finding her identity. I asked one of my friends why he loves his girlfriend? I may ask you reading this - why do you love your Mom/Dad or whoever else?? Is there any answer? My friend told me there is no answer. A very relatively small amount of qualities which he could describe, he told and he added that there is something else which is beyond explanation or any kind of realistic reasoning that he loves a girl. I can't really describe it too. but there is a subtle difference between him and me. He can't describe something which i do not accept to have existing.
You may wonder abt what i am saying? is there nothing called love? yes love is there and can be defined. Everything on the earth can be defined, at least thats what i call materialistic way of thinking. At the current state of political imbalance and impatience all over the country why i am wasting time with such things? I really need to ask everyone what are WE doing? what can we DO? my answer - think it as a matter.
The best possible thing would be thinking like a newly born child. A human child is no better than an animal. When it is hungry just screams and let other know that it has got some problems. Mothers lend their breasts and it is abated. What does it learn there? Generally all of us get start to learn in the same process. The first lesson. Our first TRIAL & ERROR. (what would have a child do if it is not fed properly!!!)

Does it have any pre-knowledge of the process-NO. There is no abstraction of this process. Whenever we make any abstraction of anything we are making it big at once. After abstraction we are no more able to describe it, even to reason it. Think about God. Perfect example of abstraction. We rarely can avoid abstraction process even in the case of defining LOVE.
All kinds of emotions i think, we do the same. We cant think realistic. We find matters to be very rough judgements. Even the poets we think they are gr8 coz they have got all of those undescribale emotions(in Bengali "VAB","ABEG"), they are romantic, but in their ways they are materialistic if they are not frauds. Now you may tell me "Ain't I beleive in love, emotions and even love the romantic poems?" My answer to all of these is "YES", but as far as they are defined to me in a materialistic way.
My question to all you reading is If you are not ready to agree with me, then why can't you really define those emotions? I swear i will change if u can really make me undestand...
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Maruf Syfullah said...

valo laglo

Maruf Syfullah said...

i have read about emotion once.the name of the book mght b theory of humor.its a free ebook.

can try it.

Swakkhar Shatabda said...

:) thanks!

emotions are only defined to self. So, no logics there....