Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sita, My Child

I have much wondered in my childhood how she was born.!! Several times I dreamt of going to the field with a plough and finding her lying in the ground. She is my child, beloved daughter, most of the boys of my age must have dreamt of finding her in the same way, in middle of the earth. beloved Sita. I dont know about girls. Earth was her mother. And I wondered whether the farmer or the King, who was the real father? Everytime it was me.

Alas, we cant keep hold of her for long. Rama wins her. Truely speaking I never felt anything for Rama/Ravana, i was only in love with Sita. When that cruelty of the masculin denies her or kidnaps her, it seems that no social or religious cult can be hold the truth in the grip, thats just because she is a human, we are so humane.

Watch this verse from Mahavarata(Van Parba, Ram Upakhyan chapter 275 ):

Daughter of Videha, go withersover thou likest! Thou art now free! What should have been done by me, hath been done! O blessed lady, owning me for thy husband, it is not meet that thou shouldst grow old in the abode of the Rakshasa! It is for this I have slain that wanderer of the night! But how can one like us, acquainted with every truth of morality embrace even for a moment a woman that had fallen into other's hands? O princess of Mithila whether thou art chaste or unchaste, I dare not enjoy thee, now that thou art like sacrificial butter lapped by a dog!'

Take a look at what that Rama said to her in Ramayana, same incident[6/115/22]:

O Seetha! Otherwise, set your mind either on Shatrughna or on Sugreeva or on Vibhishana the demon; or according to your own comfort. Seeing you, who are endowed with a beautiful form and attractive to the sense, detained for long in his abode, Ravana could not have endured your separation.

Shame on the people who say religions are made to treat each human equally. This is the true picture of patriarchal society in ancient India, and hence the religion developed and practised by the Brahmins who forged the scriptures for their own benevolence.

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