Saturday, November 17, 2007

Starting Post Graduate Classes

Our country is now in a thrashed condition by "SIDR". What we can do now is to help the affected people. Latest news says, more than two thousand people killed.

From Thursday night there was no electricity and no water in the taps in Dhaka. It was late night of Friday that the transmission line recovered after being damaged by the tornado hit.

Yesterday I started classes of Masters. MSc. in Computer Science & Engineering. I enrolled for 3 courses.
1. Software Quality Assurance
2. Distributed Computing Systems
3. Evolutionary Algorithms

We had a class on SQA(Dr. Mostafa Akbar). After almost 8 months, i had a few of my friends together in a classroom. The other classmates were probably seniors to us. It was a really different experience. After a lots of days i felt that student life is the best part of ours.


Maruf Syfullah said...

frend , have u ever questioned urself why student life is ur best part?

wll be pleased to listen ur answer.
take care.

Swakkhar Shatabda said...

student life to me seems to providing a learning environment without much pressure and competition. There are other reasons like meeting new people, making relationships but all these are part of learning.